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Blog Software Wish List

Programming Posted by Petter Hesselberg Wed, May 09, 2007 12:10

I've been trying out this blog software for a couple of days. So far, so good; I've had no problems to speak of. But I do have feature requests. Lots and lots, as it were, but I'll be practical about it and keep the list down to what I hope is a manageable size.

Here, then, are my wishes, in order of priority. Feel free to imagine the bullet points intented in whichever fashion your typographical heart finds most pleasing:

1. Once posts start falling off the front page, I'd like a link to "previous posts". And once I'm on a page with previous posts, I'll no doubt want to go back. So: Next and Previous, pretty please.

2. When I look at an individual post, I'd also appreciate Next and Previous links, though they should be named after the posts they refer to. Hell, you've seen how most blog software does this; you know what I mean:

Yesterday's | Main | Tomorrow's

3. Comments: My personal preference would be for comments to appear in chronological order (rather than the current inverse ditto), and to have the "New Post" form at the bottom. I guess this, too, should be configurable.

4. HTML limitations: I'd like to lobby for the inclusion of one additional tag (in posts and in comments): <blockquote>. There are others, but this is the most useful. Bullets would've been nice too, of course, as witness this list.

5. The front page appears limited to three posts. That's a bit measly, in my view; I'd like to see this as a property, configurable up to, say ten or fifteen posts.

6. All links out of the blog go to target="_blank", thus opening a new browser window (or tab, as the case may be). Now, opening a new browser window without a really excellent reason is a nasty trick to pull on poor, unsuspecting users. I don't want to do that. The very least you should do is to give me control over how my links work.

And that's that -- for now. Truth be told, I want a lot of things, but this will do for a start -- they're all relatively simple things; they'd all help me.

No doubt the blog software developers have their own list(s), which may well include some or all of my points. Consider this my input to prioritization.

(Shuffles off, muttering, to experiment with CSS customization. Links should be visible, darn it!)

Update: A blog developer responds in the comments. "Don't know where, don't know when," to quote Vera Lynn, but new features will be forthcoming.

And CSS customization works as advertised.

Further wishes added as comments. Did I mention the pony?